The first volume of a series of “décollaged” poster-prints of different interpoled photos selected from my mobile-photography series I realised through 2013-2018 with different iPhone models.

Basically the project counts about 100 photos divided in different volumes. These pieces of various sizes I ironically call “Rotellini”, as they are a re-take on the “décollage” technique used by Wolf Vostell, François Dufrêne, Raymond Hains, Jacques Villeglé, and of course the Italian Mimmo Rotella. Theese images are originally born online – and often published on IG – then they “reincarnate” offline as mixed media works of art.

Material and size: wooden frame (w/ or w/out golden refinement) of various size from 18×18 cm to 50×50 cm, controlled hand-ripped poster prints.