A selection of 100 mobile-photos shot between (2008) 2013-2018 in different locations with different iPhone models between abstraction, portraits and social commentary.

Over the last years, I’ve been mostly practicing mobile photography. Only later on I started to explore professional cameras for different kind of projects (see Abreactions), though I’ve always wondered if shooting with a smart phone makes you necessarily a “dilettante” when comparing to a more professional approach (with a proper camera and so on). In the end, I think it makes a you “dilettante” within the same medium. Then what would it mean to become an “expert” or a “pro” in mobile photography? Nothing more or less than exploring the medium, pushing its boundaries, find its own language. That’s what I tried to do with this series.

I’ve always hada special feeling with the immediacy of the photographic medium. I believe the act of shooting bypasses the frictions of psychology and connects directly with the unconscious. You see a scene, a set of forms (an harmony or a dissonance), you have a feeling, basically you have a visual epiphany and take a shot. Mobile photography enhances this dynamic, also the mobile device rapidity and seriality somehow turns the ‘operator’ into a ‘spectator’ and viceversa, in a punctum-studium continuum.

Today large-scale smartphone adoption has begun to create a new aesthetic based on specific characteristics such as ubiquity, immediacy, intimacy and connectivity. 

The mobile aesthetics emphasizes the experience of being here now and allows the content creator as well as the viewer to identify with the location and the subject of the story. The portability factor allows for the watching and shooting anywhere, with the intimacy of enabling one to take their phone to private and personal spaces.

The mediasation of the world through the phone, magnifies and brings the everyday world back into focus, having an amplified ‘reality’ and quality, creating expectations of somehow getting closer to the world.

I believe this new environment provides entire new visual vocabulary and new choices for photographers and content creators in general, both amateurs or professional, to express themselves beyond or within the realm of the media industry (art, communication, advertising).