After a deadly car accident, a camera’s superzoom becomes the director’s eye wandering through a summery Rome in search of his lover for a last goodbye.

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Microcosmo (15′) is a self-produced “Lo-Fi” experimental shortdoc with personal narrative elements entirely shot with a Nikon P900 and based on its incredible superzoom: 85,3 x optical to 166x Dynamic Fine Zoom, 24 – 2000mm, equiv. 135.

Apart from the fiction of the director’s dead (my death), everything in the short is real. I observed, spied, documented the “macro” of thje city and looked into my self, into the “micro” of two individuals, because in the meantime time I was breaking up with my girlfriend, the girl featured in the short, and I documented it. Those words are our real words, those shots, dialogues, and close-up are not staged, they are part of the “document”. So what started as a pure observational shortdoc on humanity, it (also) became a personal statement about love, death, and the concept of faith – under the cosmic vault.

During summer 2018 I got so impressed about Nikon P900’s superzoom tests on YouTube, and I thought: “Ok, this is a new language, a new possibility to see, I want to do something with it.” I bought the camera right away and started shooting. I’ve shot for about 2 months (from mid July to August), aproxx. 1 Tb of material. The short is entirely self-produced, basically the budget was the cost of the camera plus a tripod. The recording tools of today, economically accessible and widespread throughout the world, from mobile phones, to GoPro microcameras, allow us to greatly extend our visual geography and explore new languages. That’s what I tried to do with this work. Microcosmo has been selected for festival distribution by multi-awarded short distribution house Zen Movie who strongly wanted it in their library (they select only a few number of shorts each year):

– 2018 IFF International Film Festival “Message To Man” in Saint Petersburg (in competition at the prestigious experimental section “In Silico”).
– 2018 Laceno D’Oro the oldest Italian short film festival (in competition)
– 2019 3rd Busan Intercity Film Festival

Q&A at IFF – ‘Message to Man’ in 2018 in Saint Petersburg