After a deadly car accident, a camera’s superzoom becomes the director’s eye wandering through a summery Rome in search of his lover for a last goodbye.

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Microcosmo (15”) is a self-produced “lo-fi” experimental shortdoc with personal narrative elements entirely shot with a Nikon P900 and based on its incredible superzoom: 85,3 x optical to 166x Dynamic Fine Zoom, 24 – 2000mm, equiv. 135.


During summer 2017 I got so impressed about Nikon P900’s superzoom tests on YouTube, and I thought: “Ok, this is a new language, a new possibility to see, I want to do something with it.” I bought the camera right away and started shooting. I’ve shot for about 2 months (from mid July to August), aproxx. 1 Tb of material.

I observed, spied, my city and looked into my self, into my “micro”,  because in the meantime time I was breaking up with my girlfriend, the girl featured in the short, and I documented it. Everything in the short is true. Those words are our real words. So what started as a pure observational shortdoc on humanity, it (also) became a personal statement about love, death, and the concept of faith – under the cosmic vault. 

The short is entirely self-produced, basically the budget was the cost of the camera plus a tripod. Microcosmo has been selected for festival distribution by multi-awarded short distribution house Zen Movie who strongly wanted it in their library (they select only a few number of shorts each year):

Microcosmo has been selected in competition at 2018 IFF International Film Festival “Message To Man” in Saint Petersburg. Screening dates 17/09 at 08.00pm and 18/09 at 07.20pm (second run).

Q&A at IFF – ‘Message to Man’ in 2018 in Saint Petersburg